project euler

ProjectEuler in Brainfuck. Yes, that's right.

There's always something fascinating about solving tasks in languages that aren't really suited for the task given. Simillar goes for the projectEuler submissions in Brainfuck. They mostly require implementing some kind of an algorithm, that usually utilizes some high-level features like recursion, list operations, functional programming elements that aren't really a suitable way of doing things in brainfuck. Heck, I didn't even work out how to create a memory manager for brainfuck, therefore most programs requiring such either create a buffer that has constant size, or resize the buffer dynamically without freeing the prior, therefore making it impossible to create memory-efficient applications.

Project's future.

Why did I take on the task? Why not is the answer. I didn't get to continue the projectEuler submissions yet, but I've got around 6 of them done. If someone wants to help me with the tasks, you can always implement them in asm2bf and send me over the brainfuck files, obviously I'll give back the attribution. For now, I'm not planning on solving the challenges anymore, but I think they are a nice addition to the collection of things I've already done with brainfuck. I really should stop writing it, though.