First of all - I'm really sorry. I'm sorry to everyone who got hurt by me, directly or indirectly. Whatever happened in my life and people I met have changed my view completely. I'll primarily be speaking about my (mild)auth - right -> lib-right -> lib-left migration.

I finally came into the realization that LGBT intolerance is a real problem. Undoubtedly, it's a thing you will never understand unless you experience it. It's ashaming that I didn't realize about that before. It was quite natural to me. I grew up in a family of auth-right father and an auth-left mother. I really believed them; I took their word, I didn't evaluate it, while I should have. This drove me to cause a lot of harm to other people, for which I'm really sorry.

This is a moment for me to change. For the entire life I've been denying my real self radicalizing my viewpoint. I understand former myself a bit - life in eastern Poland simply isn't all that great and if I'd have to worry about my present-day worries, the quality of my life would drastically drop. It's the only thing I can justify my long denial with. I think I shouldn't have done that, and I'm really sorry for everything that happened to bystanders.

That being said, this helped me to (partially) understand what drives alike people. There is simply no hope for them. Nothing will be sufficient to convince such a person. They either find it out themselves, or die and let the new generation take over to hopefully make the world a better place. It takes a revolution to change something. So it happened with US independence, so it happened with Martin Luther King and so it happened in 1789. Did the revolutionists peacefully ask King Louis to simply abdicate? No. They didn't. This wouldn't help. Can you, dear Reader, name one great revolution that didn't take some initial costs with it?

I'd like to thank PPCG members (especially Ada), friends I met on IRC, some friends I met via discord servers and certain italian person (you know who you are!) for being there with me and accepting me. I really appreciate it!