polish radiophobia

Note: This is a very short rant regarding nuclear power, and how many approach it here in Poland.

Why should we fight against the less important plagues of society, when much worse things happen in front of our eyes? The media roar about the "accident" at the nuclear center, where the MARTA reactor is located. The filter in the ventilation system has ignited. The failure occurred outside the reactor and the fire brigade coped with the fire in several dozen minutes.

Recently, Polish media took on the accident at the Belarusian nuclear power plant in Ostrowiec. The solvent bucket caught fire. The fire was extinguished and there was even no nuclear fuel on site.

There was no radiation emergency at all times during both fires. Nobody was hurt either, and tabloids, as usual, spread unjustified panic.

And that's why, dear reader, we live in a pigsty filled with shit - because people believe journalists immeasurably and let themselves be manipulated.